jueves, 3 de noviembre de 2011

Personal appreciation of the Viking Museum in Ladby and Johanes Larsen museum in Kerteminde.

oday, we have visited these two museums.

The Viking Museum in Ladby was in the middle of nature close to Kerteminde. The wether was cold , a bit windy and foggy. Some volunteers were creating an exact copy of a small Viking boat and an exact full size replica of the Old Lady Ship. The workers were doing all the process in the traditional way, using the same strategies and tools Vikings did.

We visited a ship grave where a Viking king had been buried together with his most precious belongings and servants. Vikings believed that after death they would have a final trip towards Valhalla, a sort of Heaven.

We had lunch together at a private kayak club where we were warm and comfortable and after that we moved to Johanes Larsen Museum where we enjoyed and admired nice paintings about the sea and landscape from Kerteminde. This painter was very fond of painting birds in a sea scenery. We also visited his atelier or studio where he used to paint most of his paintings.

In the end we had a walk through the center of Kerteminde where we visited a protestant church and admired the nice flowers, glass vases and candles that decorated the front windows of most Danish houses.

It was a nice and interesting trip that made us more aware of the Danish history and culture.

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